Challenge! Challenge! Challenge!

Royal Betting Tips is a PREMIUM service. To get access to our current tips, you'll need to register and make a payment of 36€/month. If you're having any trouble, you can either send us an email - and we will create the account for you, or make a payment and we will send you our tips via email.
To show you how good we are at this game, we are offering you monthly challenges.
Our team will start every month with a small amount of money (like 10€ or so), and we will try to multiply it at least 10 times. Basically we dare ourselves to prove how good we are. If you decide to follow our advices, at the end of each month you can expect at least 10 times the money you invested.
Each challenge includes predictions for one to five games. For example, for last week’s challenge we predicted Chelsea to win at Swansea, odd around 1.55; for the game Napoli-Lazio over 2.5 goals, odd around 1.65 and for Liverpool-Manchester City both teams to score, odd around 1.65. This means that if you have bet 10€ on this challenge, you would have gotten an odd around 4, so 30 € profit.
It is clearly up to you how much money you are willing to risk, but we can guide you to have a bigger chance of winning. Our challenges will be on our Facebook page. Follow us, like our page, and benefit from our monthly advices.

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