One of the biggest discussions in football, who is better, Ronaldo or Messi?

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One of the biggest debates in football for the past 6-7 years is who is a better player, Ronaldo or Messi.

Last year the Portugal’s number one was in his best shape, winning his 3rd FIFA Ballon d’Or. This year Messi had a strong start and together with Neymar and Suarez made, with over 120 goals scored, this season’s best trio in the world of football. Wearing the Catalan’s shirt Messi won everything possible, the Champions League, the Spanish Cup and La Liga.

We have all the right to think, that this year will be the year of the Argentinian star and he will receive his 5thBallon d’Or, an absolute record!

Although Messi has not won yet any trophy with his national team, he is for the fifth time in his career the favourite for the best football player award. After loosing the World Cup final we are waiting to see him play in Copa America. Maybe this season he will bring his national team the first title with him as a leader.