The biggest question of 2015- who is going to win the Champions League?

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This year the team of Royalbetting-tips had three big favourites for the title, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern München. All three of them have now reached the semifinals of the best club competition, so we are more than excited to see the denouement.

Before out team could choose it’s winner, let’s take a look at the football teams’ stats. Having the best trio, Messi, Neymar and Suarez in the best shape and with over 100 goals scored this season, Barcelona goes one step ahead and wins the place for out team’s number one favourite.

Football is not 100% sure, so we can always expect the unexpected, but we would definitely choose Barcelona as this year’s CUP winner.

The semifinals are already known- Real Madrid is facingJuventus, Barcelona- Bayern München. The whole planet hopes for a final between Madrid and their biggest rival in the El Cl­ásico, but we should not underestimate Juventus. They won’t be easy to push. The Germans are also a force, but this year Barcelona seems to be unstoppable.

The final is taking place on 6th of June in Berlin, so there is a little time left. Who is going to win the Champions Cup? We would definitely recommend you this year to bet on the Catalan team as winner of the ultimate club trophy.