The biggest wins on football betting

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People try to win as much as possible with any occasion. In betting is no different. Here are some examples of very big wins. One story is about one Man Utd fan who won 500.000 £ with a 30 pound stake.

The 50 years old man had a 15 event-accumulator. The same guy won back in 1999 170.000 £ with a 2.5 pound stake. Another big win from little money comes from London where a Chelsea fan predicted 14 games. He won 92.000 with a 2 pound stake. Dean Clay also 50 years old said in a newspaper “When we went in this morning and they told us about the bonus, our legs nearly gave way. It’s just amazing.” Dean had a 20.000 £ bonus from the bookmakers.

A lot of people love Xabi Alonso but Adrian Hayward especially. Back in 2006 the Englishman bet 200 pound at odds 125-1 that the Spanish midfielder would score from inside his on half at some point of the season. When Alonso scored against Luton Hayward won 25.000 £.Another amazing win comes from Mali’s amazing comeback.

In the 2010 African Cup of Nations Mali was 4-0 down against the hosts Angola with 11 minutes to play and on track for a humiliating defeat.

With the odds at a staggering 1,000-1, punter risked £5 on one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history.
It seems fortune really does favor for Angola who shipped two goals by the 90th minute and another two in injury time.

The 4-4 final score won the audacious punter £5,000. Back in 2010, A London resident who wanted his identity to be anonymous won a big £117,000 on a £40 pound bet. He bet across most of big European clubs games that included wins for AC Milan, Barcelona, Porto, Valencia, Florentine, and in total 14 results, he got them all right and won staggering £117,000.